About Us

Our History

Congress enacted the U.S. Housing Act of 1937 which established the Public Housing program. 

The goal of this program has always been to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing for low-income families. 

As a result, Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) were established to develop, own and manage low-income housing.

The Housing Authority of McDonough County (HAMC) was established in 1941. 

The HAMC manages two properties in Macomb and two properties in Bushnell, and the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program throughout McDonough County. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Housing Authority is to pursue new and creative ways to continue to meet the challenging and changing needs of the diverse populations of McDonough county. 

1. To promote quality affordable homes, decent, safe and sanitary housing for all residents of McDonough County.   

2. To expand housing opportunities for the residents of McDonough County and the United States.   

3. To enhance existing housing programs through the provision of support services, education and communication with staff and residents.   

4. To improve the overall quality of life in Authority developments by referring resources through the community services.   

5. To encourage and develop the empowerment of Housing Authority residents by empowering them with education, knowledge, tools and resources needed to improve their quality of life and the quality of their community    

6. To provide Authority residents with dignity, comfort, quality homes free of discrimination and a quality safe place to call “home.”  

Our Values

1. Improving the quality of life through access to education, employment, health and recreational activities.

2. Promoting good citizenship through participation in community life. 

3. Striving for excellence in our relationships, partnerships and business practices.

4. Encouraging an environment of dignity, comfort and a place to call “home.”


In a survey conducted in the Fall of 2016, residents were asked what they liked best about living at the Housing Authority of McDonough County. One said "The people," another stated that is was the "very understanding management staff." Still another resident commented that it was a "peaceful, safe environment". A fellow resident added that "I love the community." Perhaps most poignantly, one resident said it all: "It's home."

Inform Yourself!

HUD puts all of their directives and national policies online. Check out their policies at hudclips, their official. site. To visit it, click here.


The Housing Authority of McDonough County seeks to put residents first. We want to create a great atmosphere for our residents, which means staff and residents working together to create a sense of community.