Eisenhower Tower

Residential Living

Eisenhower Tower is a ten story multi-residential building with a community room and outdoor fenced dog run.

Utilities: Electricity, gas, water, sewage, and garbage are included.

Central Location

Address:  322 West Piper Street, Macomb, IL 61455

Eisenhower Tower is a 5 minute walk from Macomb's historic downtown and square area, including the Macomb Public Library and numerous services as well as being on a bus stop offering free service within Macomb.

Efficiency and One-Bedroom

Bedroom sizes and quantities are as follows: 

72 Efficiency Units: 400 sq. ft. each

35 One-Bedroom Units:  520 sq. ft. each   

Prairieview Homes

Family Housing


Prairieview Homes is a low-rise family development that consists of twenty-nine (29) multi-residential buildings and two (2) common buildings. Some buildings are duplexes and others are quads. There are a total of ninety-eight (98) town homes style units. Some of these units are one-story and others are two-stories.  

Utilities: Electricity, water, sewage, and garbage are included. Gas is not included.



Prairieview Homes have an on-site playground, community room, and property office. Through our community partnerships, there is also a daycare and a mentorship program at the property.

The property is located in Macomb within walking distance of Hyvee, Farm King, Walmart, and Aldi's.

A bus stop is located outside the Community Center.

Variety of Apartment Sizes


Bedroom sizes are as follows:

16 One-Bedroom Units 563 sq. ft. each

36 Two-Bedroom Units 750 sq. ft. each

2 Fully-Accessible Two-bedroom Units       925 sq. ft. each

10 One-Level Three-Bedroom Units 925 sq ft. 

20 Two-Level Three-Bedroom Units 

1013 sq. ft. each

12 Four-Bedroom Units 1256 sq. ft. 

 Five Bedroom Units 1370 sq. ft.   

Greenbrier Apartments


Family Housing

Greenbrier Apartments is a rural low-rise family development that consists of thirteen (13) multi-residential buildings and two (2) common buildings. Some buildings consist of  two (2) units, other buildings have 3, 4, 5 or 6 units for a total of fifty (50) townhouse style units. All units are two (2) stories with bedrooms on the upper level.      


Amenities and Location

Greenbrier Apartments have a playground, community room, and property management office on-site. 

Bushnell is a wonderful, small, rural community. The school and a grocery store are within walking distance of Greenbrier Apartments. However, there is no bus or train system in Bushnell. Cars are recommended.

McDonough County Public Transport Demand Response is available to do door-to-door transportation for seniors and the disabled, and curbside transportation to the general public for a small fee. Please see the MCPT website for details.


Two, Three and Four-Bedrooms

20 Two-Bedroom Units 860 sq. ft. each 

22 Three-Bedroom Units 1146 sq. ft. each

8 Four-Bedroom Units 1337 sq. ft. each  

Fitch Manor Homes

Our Senior Living Property


Fitch Manor is a lovely rural retirement  community that consists of twelve (12) multi-residential town home style buildings. Six (6) buildings are Public Housing and six (6) are Multi-Family. Each building is a quad with crawl spaces. All units are one story town home style. There are twenty-four (24) Public Housing units and twenty-four (24) Multi-Family units.      



Apartments are all on one level, and most have outdoor decks with ramps for easy accessibility. 

Some apartments provide special features for persons with disabilities.  

On-site postal service and laundry facilities are available for resident use.

Landscaping & snow removal is provided. 

One and Two-Bedrooms


40 One-Bedroom units (20 on each side) 538 sq. ft. each  

8 Two-Bedroom units (4 on each side) 728 sq. ft.